From a whopping 1000+ pricing pages, we've painstakingly analyzed 350, cherry-picking the absolute best for you. Some you'll recognize instantly, others may be a pleasant surprise - these pages either wow us with their beauty or make complex pricing models crystal clear. They represent unique approaches to SaaS pricing, and each one comes with a more in-depth analysis. We believe you can gain valuable insights from these innovators, whether your venture is just sprouting or in full bloom. And the best part? This list gets a makeover every month!



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What is SaaS Pricing Explorer and who is it for?

The SaaS Pricing Explorer is here for SaaS founders. It's our way of addressing the significant issue of underpricing in startups. Our tool provides a comprehensive library of over 1000 pricing pages, allowing you to establish a pricing framework that ensures your success.

What kind of data and insights can I expect?

Think of SaaS Pricing Explorer as your comprehensive guide to SaaS pricing. We provide you with insights into different pricing models, key metrics, and price ranges. We aim to give you the full picture, helping you make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.

How frequently is the database of SaaS pricing models updated?

Our database gets a refresh every month, with new websites being added. In addition, we continually monitor existing entries for any changes in their pricing models, so you always get the most current insights.

Can SaaS Pricing Explorer help me choose the right pricing model?

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we strongly believe in drawing insights from successful practices of others. Our platform provides guidance in choosing a proven pricing model that aligns with your needs.

What's the hall of fame section?

Our Hall of Fame section showcases some of the most effective pricing pages, giving you real-world examples and a clear understanding of what each model entails.

Is SaaS Pricing Explorer free?

Yes, the SAAS Pricing Explorer is completely free and will remain so forever. We will consistently offer you valuable insights without any charges, and we will continue to enhance the pricing pages in the future.